6: Умная энергометрика - с однофазовыми и трехфазовыми счетчиками электроэнергии

Observing power consumption is a recognised way to sharpen awareness about energy consumption and to realise how consumers are driving up costs at what time of the day. If automatic countermeasures are taken – e.g. appliances with high consumption are only switched on at low tariff periods – this knowledge and the corresponding efforts take on a practical ecological and economic purpose.
Eltako Wireless Building offers Smart Metering in several stages. From a low-cost solution in the home up to a professional solution in large buildings for genuine energy management.
Smart Metering is so cost-effective and incurs no follow-on costs:
The Energy Consumption Indicator EVA12 displays the current active current consumption in the control cabinet or distributor. They save the consumption figures in non-volatile memories that are viewable at any time. The Wireless Energy Consumption Indicators FEA55LED and FEA65D show directly the wireless readings of an Energy Meter Transmitter Module FSS12, FWZ12, FWZ14 or FWZ61. The Energy Consumption Indicator with Display FEA65D saves the values in the same way as the EVA12. Only the Wireless Building Visualisation and Control Software GFVS 3.0 on a GFVS-Safe II can evaluate several meters. GFVS-Energy can evaluate up to 100 meters and GFVS 3.0 up to 250 meters.

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Technical data Smart Metering – Single-phase and three-phase energy meters

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14. January 2016

Wireless universal actuator FUA12-230V

The clever combination of an antenna module and a single channel impulse switch.

04. December 2015

Monitor windows and doors with the Eltako wireless window/door contact FTKB

Combine the FTKB wireless window/door contact with switching, heating/cooling and Venetian blind actuators.

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